Portrait Photography Services


Whether they're for business or personal, strong portraits make a statement.

I’ve always been fascinated by the human element of photography — photos need people. So when it comes to your portrait, you are the main event.

Folks have asked me why they should update their portraits.

Do you still have that blazer in your closet from 15 years ago? What about that haircut? Updated portraits ensure you’re putting your best, and most current face forward.

Trends have shifted since you last sat down for professional portraits, both in what you're wearing and how you styled yourself as well as the technique behind the photos. We get to smile, we get to relax. We get to take a lot of photos and have some fun.



Business Branding

Starting a new business? Ready to show off? Business portraits show the flavour behind you and your business. I’ll come by and take photos of you in action where the big decisions get made.

Show off the best side of your business with photos that draw clients in. A good portrait tells others that you’re serious about your business and the best person for the job.

Ready for stellar business portraits? We should talk.



Looking to refresh your online profiles? Revamping your resume? Professional headshots put your best face forward.

Come by the studio with a few different outfits and we’ll have fun showing off your personality through stunning photography.

I take the guesswork out of picking your favorite and give you the best photos from our shoot with my mini package.

Or if you’re looking for consistency through your organization or team, consider the group package. I’ll blend your business’ message with each member’s unique qualities for photos that show off just what you’re all about.

Time to show off? Get in touch.


SHINE glamour experience

Feeling fancy? SHINE is a complete pampering and photography experience.

Sit back and relax while enjoying a full makeup and hairstyling experience with the look you choose, and professional photographs with yours truly.

This is an excuse to feel like a movie star for the day. You’ll have a great time, and your confidence will shine through in each and every photo I take.

Ready to shine? Let’s talk.


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