Taneane Twele: Behind The Camera

I’ve been at this for a long time — twenty years, two kids, and countless memory cards. As a photographer through and through, I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Capturing your best, most genuine self is my passion. Over the years I’ve worked with many amazing clients and picked up all sorts of great tips and tricks along the way to make you stand out.

As well as business portraits, I’ve been known to wrangle large groups, squirmy newborns, and even pets! Each client brings unique qualities to the shoot and I love highlighting that with the camera. I happily direct you through my process but it’s you that comes out in the final shot.


Pictures Need People

Photography is about faces. It’s about expression. It’s about you.

For me, pictures need people in them. I capture emotion and honesty through subtle details. Whether it’s for your professional headshots or stunning portraits for your home, I make sure you are the focus.

Portrait photography allows me to show you how great you are. You’ve already got the tools, I just show them off.


Your Session: A Chat And Some Light Stretching

Bringing you into focus starts before I take a single picture.

Wondering what to wear? I’ve got you covered with some helpful suggestions and ways to coordinate with the people in your group.

Then we get together and chat, and I just happen to have a camera in my hand. We laugh, I might ask you to stand here or tilt, twist, and stretch there.

Before you know it, I’ll be done, and you’ll have worked out some tight muscles. The most interesting poses provide the most authentic, stunning shots.

Don’t forget to ask me about the “Barbie doll” pose!

The best thing that comes out of our session, besides excellent photos, is your confidence.

Say goodbye to a fear of photos -- you’ll want to show these off to everyone.


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